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Delivery is in our DNA™.

Using Nanotechnology to make therapeutics better

What We Do

We Provide Solutions

Transforming Payloads into Precision Medicine. We specialize in crafting custom targeted therapeutics delivery using our DNA nanoparticle platform

Types of problems we solve

Gene Therapy is expensive, inefficient, and is not tissue specific

Vaccines are cell non-specific, leading to suboptimal performance

Chemotherapy drugs have dangerous off-target effects

Many Genetic Diseases and Cancers have effective treatment options in development that require enhanced tissue targeting. DNA Nanobots provides a better way, by developing next-gen precision therapeutics.


DNA Nanobots is helping companies deliver their treatments while developing our own.

you can Use Our Solutions

With a portfolio of existing IP, we are developing products for targeted chemotherapies, vaccines, point-of-care diagnostics, and functionalized gene delivery. We are focused on improving the lives of those affected by health issues, and our mission is to develop innovative treatments that make a difference. We strive to bring cutting-edge therapies and technologies to patients, making their lives better and brighter. With a team of dedicated experts, we are committed to creating products that are safe and effective. We’d love to partner our delivery technology to your chemotherapy drug, siRNA, protein, gene, or peptide.  

or we will help you Build Your Own

We are a passionate team of scientists and engineers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of DNA nanotechnology. We believe that with the right tools and expertise, we can unlock the potential of custom DNA nanostructures and create powerful solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing challenges. Our products  make it easier than ever to assemble complex DNA nanobots with unprecedented precision. For the Targeted Delivery of small molecule chemotherapy, proteins, peptides, or genes, with our help, we can design, build, and help deploy your own custom DNA nanostructures in no time. 

Changing the way we delivery therapeutics

Our Expertise

DNA Origami Design

Design and Build Nanobots

Our leadership team has over 35 years of combined experience in Nanotech development.

From Concept to the Clinic

Concept to Application

Our unique expertise combining complex DNA nanostructure developmental with clinical applications.

Diverse Experience - Engineering

Diverse Experience

Biotechnology knowledge with skills of engineering opens up an array of dynamic possibilities, offering you the most comprehensive solutions.