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Building cool stuff, but with a purpose.

DNA Nanobots was founded in 2021 in Columbus, Ohio as an Ohio State University Spin-Out Company based on the work of Professor Carlos E. Castro. Since 2013, Professor Castro and colleagues have been diligently developing DNA based nanodevices (nanobots) for biomedical applications including targeted cancer drug delivery, vaccine platform development, and nucleic acid biosensing. With a broad intellectual property portfolio in place, DNA Nanobots is to be the world-wide leader and go-to company for product development services in the DNA nanomedicine space for the Biopharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Academic industries. DNA Nanobots stands at the intersection of advanced biotech and pioneering nanotechnology, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in biology and medicine. Our commitment to innovation is reshaping the future of healthcare.

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We want to help make the world better. 

At DNA Nanobots, our goal is to save lives by developing next generation therapeutic and diagnostic using DNA Nanotechnology. We are changing the way we deliver therapeutics and diagnose disease.

Our Vision

To revolutionize medical treatments and unlock the potential of DNA design through a revolutionary combination of chemotherapy drugs, immune activation, chemistry, gene therapy, diagnostics and scaled manufacturing.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to empowering our customers with innovative solutions that combine cutting-edge research and advanced technologies to provide effective, reliable treatments that make a real difference in people’s lives.

DNA Origami

Where you see genetic information, we see construction material.  DNA is the perfect material for nanoscale self-assembly, thanks to the programable nature of DNA.

The Trojan Horse

The structure that started it all.  In 2013, we designed this structure and it has been everything we hoped for and more.  

Changing the way we Delivery Genes

Gene Therapy

​We are developing a next generation non-viral gene delivery platform to deliver genes to nuclei of intended target cells. Our method will allow for tissue/cell specific gene delivery without the expense, immune response, and toxicity associated with viral gene delivery.

Changing the way we Deliver Chemotherapy Drugs

Targeted Chemotherapy

We are developing a next generation targeted cancer drug delivery nanomedicine platform device engineered to deliver cancer drugs directly to cancer cells only, leaving healthy cells and tissues unharmed. Our approach enables uniform concentrated drug payload delivery to either solid or liquid cancer cells only, allowing for low dose administration and minimal toxic, side effects.

Changing the way we delivery packaged vaccines

Vaccine Development

We are developing a next generation antigen presenting cell (APC)-targeted vaccine delivery nanomedicine platform for infectious disease and cancer. Our approach allows for compact delivery of both antigens and adjuvants specifically to APCs to optimize cytotoxic T cell responses.

Changing the way we study cell membranes

Cell Membrane Biosensing 

We are developing a next generation DNA-based nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) or peptide biosensing platform embedded on a membrane surface. Our platform will allow for either liposomal membranes or cell types of any kind to be re-programmed into micron scale biosensors.

Changing the way we deliver Forgotten Drugs

Cancer Drug Development

The ability to the co-deliver multiple therapeutics will drive novel drug discovery and delivery methods for human cancer.  Utilizing a next generation cancer drug targeted delivery platform allows us to use effective cancer drugs that were abandoned or forgotten due to off-target delivery issues.

Changing the way we diagnose disease

Rapid Nucleic Acid Detection

We are developing a next generation DNA-based nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) sensing diagnostic platform for infectious disease and cancer in a point-of-care setting. Our platform will allow for rapid and accurate point-of-care diagnostic testing with minimal and inexpensive equipment.

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Targeted Chemotherapy
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