Changing the Way we Deliver Therapeutics

Our Expertise

DNA design and DNA nanostructure design

DNA Design meets Medical Applications

Our team has a unique combination of skills and experience that includes complex DNA nanotechology design, engineering, immunology, chemistry, and scaled-production in addition to our patent pending ability to target intended payloads. We are dedicated to empowering our customers with innovative solutions that combine cutting-edge research and advanced technologies to provide effective, reliable treatments that make a real difference in people’s lives. At DNA Nanobots, our proficiency in DNA design and DNA nanostructure design sets us apart. We harness this expertise to craft cutting-edge DNA robots, reshaping the boundaries of biotechnology.


DNA Origami Design

DNA Origami is a unique technology that allows for precise control over shape and attachment.  Our expertise and experience enables the creation of groundbreaking products and ideas. With access to this cutting-edge technology, we can create incredibly intricate uses and fine-tune your designs with confidence.  

Targeted Therapy

Our patent pending approach to deliver targeted chemotherapy drug, immunologically stimulate cell populations, deliver vaccine antigens and adjuvants to specific tissues, or it provides a unique form on non-viral gene therapy.


Out team has a unique combination of experience that can help find solutions to your unmet needs and problems. 


Our engineering approach offers an innovative pathway to achieve clinical breakthroughs which could revolutionize healthcare.