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Dr. Carlos Castro, Director of Innovation

Dr. Carlos Castro, DNA Nanobot’s Director of Innovation and a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at The Ohio State University, stands at the vanguard of dynamic DNA nanodevices’ evolution. Recognized globally for his pioneering contributions, Dr. Castro’s expertise encompasses the entire spectrum of DNA nanostructures—ranging from their design and fabrication to their intricate characterization and actuation.

His academic journey, crowned by a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and further enriched as a post-doctoral fellow at Technische Universität München, has laid a solid foundation for his innovative pursuits. With a prolific tally of over 40 peer-reviewed manuscripts in the realm of DO nanotechnology, his lab has been a beacon of cutting-edge research. Their contributions span the gamut of dynamic nanodevice design, biosensors, cell-interaction methodologies, gene delivery strategies, and advanced drug delivery mechanisms. Notably, Dr. Castro’s work seamlessly integrates gold nanoparticles, magnetic beads, and nucleosomes, proteins, peptides, and small molecule drugs, solidifying his reputation as a trailblazer in the field.