Christopher Lucas - Chris Lucas - CSO - DNA Nanobots

Dr. Christopher Lucas, CSO & Co-Founder

Dr. Christopher Lucas, our esteemed Chief Science Officer at DNA Nanobots, brings a rich blend of expertise from both the academic and commercial sectors. With over 15 years as a molecular and cellular biomedical research scientist, complemented by over 10 years in the pioneering realm of DNA nanotechnology development, Dr. Lucas stands at the forefront of innovation. His last few years have been dedicated to nanotechnology commercialization efforts further solidify his comprehensive grasp of the field.

Educationally steeped in biochemistry and biomedical science-immunology, his foray into DO development for medicine and biology speaks volumes of his versatility. Beyond his lab coat, Dr. Lucas has honed his entrepreneurial instincts, participating in development events at OSU and engaging with Rev1 Ventures, a renowned startup incubator. Additionally, he served as a biomedical science consultant for Innovative Wellness, LLC showcases his dedication to bridging science with business. As DNA Nanobots continues to expand its horizons, Dr. Lucas will be pivotal in experimental design, execution, and fostering a synergistic relationship between the DNA Nanobots technical team and our commercialization partners.