Jeffrey Spitzner - Jeff Spitzner - CEO - DNA Nanobots

Jeff Spitzner, CEO & Co-Founder

Jeff is an entrepreneurial force in life sciences and healthcare technology. Over 20 years and 10 companies later, he’s seamlessly transitioned groundbreaking ideas into reality, securing over $30 Million in the process. Among his achievements stands TopoGEN, Inc., a testament to his dedication, which specializes in enzymes and kits pivotal for cancer research. With a Ph.D. from OSU in molecular cancer research and bioinformatics, followed by enriching post-doc studies at MIT, Dr. Spitzner’s expertise in DNA-protein interactions is unparalleled. From concept to commercialization, his journey has consistently pushed boundaries. Today, as the CEO of DNA Nanobots, he continues to champion innovative strategies, ensuring the fusion of business and science to drive the next wave of life sciences and healthcare advancements.