DNA Nanobots - The DNA Origami Company

Dr. Melika Shahhosseini, Senior Research Scientist

Melika Shahhosseini, Co-founder at DNA Nanobots, marries innovation with profound academic prowess as a Postdoctoral scholar in the Nanoengineering and Biodesign Lab at Ohio State University’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department. An alumnus of Sharif University of Technology in Iran, Melika further cemented her expertise with a Ph.D. from Ohio State in 2023. Central to her research is the intriguing use of DNA origami structures to dissect cellular interactions and finesse cellular junctions. This focus was recognized with the prestigious Pelotonia fellowship in 2020, where she delved deep into cell interactions concerning cancer biomarkers in the ECM. Melika’s mastery doesn’t just lie in research; she is adept at translating her findings into practical DNA nanodevices tailored for biological breakthroughs