Patrick Halley- CTO - DNA Nanobots

Patrick Halley, CTO & Co-Founder

Patrick Halley serves as the Chief Technology Officer at DNA Nanobots. An alumnus of OSU with a Master’s in Chemical Engineering, he brings over 10 years of dedicated experience in DNA Origami nanostructure technology to the table. His extensive expertise ranges from biological applications and complex nanostructure design to leadership in nanotechnology projects that span drug delivery, scale-up processing, and biosensor diagnostics. His tenure as a contract researcher at Battelle Memorial Institute stands as a testament to his proficiency in scale-up manufacturing for diagnostic consumables.

Beyond his technical acumen, Patrick’s multifaceted background includes graphic design, web design, financial management, and even as a wrestling coach. Such diversity in his experiences has shaped him into a leader with a keen eye for detail, strong organizational capabilities, and an innate sense of creativity—all critical for a burgeoning company in a rapidly evolving sector.